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Hans van der Weij

Included in downloadable customization package, changed title to 'Most Popular Subjects'.


  • Idea derived from School Library Journal & San Jose State University 2006 Automation Survey : The systems are changing. But school libraries aren't / By Daniel Fuller -- School Library Journal, 10/1/2006
    Library automation systems are also an untapped resource for analyzing data. For years, the systems have accumulated data [...] For starters, a simple circulation report, organized by subject heading, can easily show us whether a set of resources related to a particular federal or state standard is being used.
  • Aggregate data from Statistics reports outside OpenBiblio. Version 0.6.x and lower purge Bibliography History:
    • When circulating, and History is older than number of months given in Library Settings
    • When a Bibliography Copy is deleted
    • When a Member is deleted Logo
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