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Bibliographies by MARC Tag and Subfield

Hans van der Weij, inspired by OpenBiblio 1.0 Work In Progress

Can be used to browse bibliographies by classification number, etc. (example)

Oops: can take looooong to finish when run without parameters.
Luckily the reports system can only be accessed by library staff with authorization...

Included in downloadable customization package

.title "Bibliographies by MARC Tag / Subfield"
.column bibid hidden
.column field_data title="Value" sort=multi
.column callno title="Call Num." sort=callno
.column author title="Author" sort=author
.column title func=biblio_link title="Title" sort=title
.column collection title="Collection"
.	string tag title="MARC Tag"
.	string subfield title="MARC Subfield"
.	string contains title="Subfield Contains"
.	string startswith title="Subfield Starts With"
.	date newer title="Bibliography added after"
.	order_by default=multi
.		item multi title="Value, Author, Title" type=multi expr="field_data, author, title"
.		item field_data title="Value"
.		item author title="Author"
.		item title title="Title"
.		item callno title="Call Number"
.	end order_by
.end parameters

	select b.bibid, concat_ws(' ', b.call_nmbr1, b.call_nmbr2, b.call_nmbr3) callno,
		b.title,, coll.description collection, f.field_data
	from biblio b, collection_dm coll, biblio_field f
	where coll.code=b.collection_cd and b.bibid = f.bibid
.	if_set tag
	and f.tag=%tag%
.	end if_set
.	if_set subfield
	and f.subfield_cd=%subfield%
.	end if_set
.	if_set contains
		and f.field_data like '%%%"contains%%%'
.	end if_set
.	if_set startswith
		and f.field_data like '%"startswith%%%'
.	end if_set
.	if_set newer
		and b.create_dt >= %newer%
.	end if_set
.	order_by_expr
.end sql Logo
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