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Lists Authors with Bibliography count

Included in downloadable customization package

Search criteria:

  • 1st Character Author Last Name (drop down selection)
  • ... or Author Name (Starts With, Contains)
.title "Authors : Bibliography Count"
.category "MARC Reports"
.column author title="Author" sort=author
.column biblioCount title="# Biblio" sort=multi
.	select author1st title="1st Character Author Last Name"
.		item ''
.		sql
# 0.6.0: SQL in RPT .select parameter should be one line, unwrapped
SELECT DISTINCT substring(author,1,1) AS value, substring(upper(author),1,1) AS title FROM biblio ORDER BY title
.		end sql
.	end select
.	select criteria default=start title="... or Author Last Name"
.		item start title="Starts With"
.		item trunc title="Contains"
.	end select
.	string author title="..."
.	order_by default=author
.		item author title="Author"
.		item multi title="# Biblio, Author" type=multi expr="biblioCount,'author'!r"
.		item biblioCount title="# Biblio" type=numeric
.	end order_by
.end parameters
	SELECT, COUNT(biblio.bibid) biblioCount
	FROM biblio
.	if_set author
.		if_equal criteria start
			WHERE LIKE '%"author%%%'
.		end if_set
.		if_equal criteria trunc
			WHERE LIKE '%%%"author%%%'		
.		end if_set
.	else
.		if_not_equal author1st ''
			WHERE LIKE '%"author1st%%%'
.		end if_set
.	end if_set
	GROUP BY author
.	order_by_expr
.end sql Logo
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