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Common Library work. List recent acquisitions by category or material.

.title acquisition
.category Cataloging
.layout labels title=Labels"
.column bibid hidden
.column callno sort=callno title="Call Num."
.column barcode_nmbr sort=barcode_nmbr title="Barcode"
.column title sort=title func=biblio_link title="Title"
.column author sort=author title="Author"
.column create_dt sort=create_dt title="Acq. Date"
.column collection sort=material title="Collection"
.column material sort=collection title="Material"
.	date newer title="After YYYY-MM-DD"
.	date older title="Before YYYY-MM-DD"
.	select collection title="Collection"
.		item ""
.		sql
			select coll.code as value, coll.description as title from collection_dm coll
.		end sql
.	end select
.	select material title="Material"
.		item ""
.		sql
			select mat.code as value, mat.description as title from material_type_dm mat
.		end sql
.	end select
.	order_by
.		item create_dt type=date
.		item title
.		item author
.		item callno
.	end order_by
.end parameters
	select b.bibid, concat_ws(' ', b.call_nmbr1, b.call_nmbr2, b.call_nmbr3) callno,
		c.barcode_nmbr, c.create_dt, b.title,,
		coll.description as collection, mat.description as material
	from biblio_copy c, biblio b,
		collection_dm as coll, material_type_dm as mat
	where b.bibid=c.bibid
		and mat.code=b.material_cd
		and coll.code=b.collection_cd
.	if_set newer
		and c.create_dt >= %newer%
.	end if_set
.	if_set older
		and c.create_dt < %older%
.	end if_set
.	if_not_equal collection ""
		and b.collection_cd = %collection%
.	end if_not_equal
.	if_not_equal material ""
		and b.material_cd = %material%
.	end if_not_equal
	group by c.barcode_nmbr, b.title,
.	order_by_expr
.end sql Logo
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Page last modified on December 31, 2008, at 09:20 AM