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Note to spammers

Spamming this wiki is a waste of your time. All external links and images on this site must be manually approved by the site administrator. This means that posting spam links can never help your search engine rankings because the wiki software will not create external links for you. We also have several helpful people who remove spam when they see it, so anything you post will almost surely disappear in just a few hours.

What happens if people abuse the wiki?

Many people are surprised that we allow everyone to edit our web site: "What will happen if somebody writes something nasty on your homepage?" What will happen is that someone will notice the problem and fix it. This has happened several times already.

Here's how you can help: If you see something inappropriate on our wiki, click the 'Page History' link in the upper-right corner of the page. This should show you exactly what was changed. Find the 'Restore' link below the change that is inappropriate and click on it. This will take you to an edit screen showing you the page as it was before the defacement. Click 'Save' to make the restore permanent.

The wiki keeps every version of every page forever. That makes it hard for somebody to do permanent damage -- intentionally or not.

It is true that a determined person could give us quite a bit of grief by constantly messing up the site. I don't think that will happen. But if it does, there are a number of ways for us to deal with it. The most drastic of these is for us to lock down editing to only those people that have proven trustworthy. This can and will be done if necessary, but only as a last resort.

The bottom line is that we believe that the benefits of a wiki -- quick and easy editing, community participation -- are worth having to clean up after the occasional loser. Logo
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Page last modified on March 07, 2009, at 11:39 PM