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This roadmap was put up by MicahStetson as a semi-official statement of the development team's direction. Unlike the rest of the site, we ask that you do not edit it unless you are a member of the development team authorized to do so.

1.0 RoadMap


  • Pre 1.0.0 Release (Converting from 0.6.0)
    • AutoBar Code for copies
    • New Like
    • Custom Member Fields
  • Integrated with Micah's custom version so I don't have to maintain 2 trees
  • MARC compliant database design
    • no data loss on import
    • all MARC fields searchable
    • nearly all biblio fields in MARC record
  • integrate PeterLeschev's stocktake patch
  • 0.6.0 -> 1.0.0 Database upgrade routines
  • New Database Diagrams.
  • New Sample Data


  • Redesigned i18n SystemNew i8n Documentation
    • Translations Management Interface (add-In)
    • Marc Codes Localizations to Text File
    • Standardized way for plugins to use Localization
    • no use of eval()
    • no use of localeconv()
    • Move HTML Charset & HTML Tag Lang Attribute from Settings to Locale Files
    • Remove language_list.php
  • integrate FredLaPlante's lookup mod (haven't talked to Fred about this)

Features Newly Introduced in 1.0.0

  • New OPAC interface
    • Member Interface for allowing Bookings
    • Member Interface for checking account
  • New Marc Parser
  • MARC Import / Export <----- is this right Micah?
  • On import -> Records are added to the Cart
  • Image Support
  • New Search Interface
    • Keywords: Title, Subject, Series, Publisher, Item Number
    • Media Type
    • Audience Level
    • Production Date
  • Manage Requests (Bookings)
  • Biblio View
    • Subjects link to search
    • Publisher links to search
    • Marc View
  • Print Catalog
  • Biblio Edit
    • New simple edit screen
    • New Marc Editing Screen.
  • Carts
  • Request Cart
  • Multiple Sites
    • Members only
  • School Calendars
  • Bulk Delete using list of barcodes
  • Admin Interface to Check Database
  • New Database Format
    • Call number has changed -> now in custom marc field.
    • Title, author etc…. has been removed from biblio and put in Marc tables

Possibly Later


  • Data cleaning routines
    • Executes against either “All Records” or “Selected Card”
    • Clean things like:
      • Delete Marc records 700
      • Remove “/” from title
      • ProperCase title, author etc
  • Admin disable of features like opac/circulation


  • Sites for biblio_copy records
    • Allows for intra site transfer tracking
  • Better support for periodicals, look into TOCRoSS
  • Per Collection Call Numbers


  • A self service checkout module
  • Online Renewal


  • Reports_display UI
  • unicode (UTF-8) support in printing system


  • Translations per Member.
  • Domain Tables to Text / i8n?
  • restructure code around a front controller
  • External Authentication
    • External Authenticatio with oBiblio (LDAP, AD, etc)
    • API for other apps to use to create obiblio Sessions


  • Untether OPAC from obiblio core file structures.
  • User rating functionality
  • User Reviews
  • User tags / tagclouds
  • User Comments


  • Remove Marc Foundation (RFC)?
  • Some kind of PlugIn Architecture
  • Move to standardized UI Code
    • Themes made more easy
    • Allow custom design of display (via template/XSLT?)
    • Allow per user themes (including header / footer)

If you would like to help us move toward any of these goals, whether or not you are already a member of the development team, please coordinate with MicahStetson so we avoid any duplication of effort.

  • Issues
    • Biblio display does not seem to display random marc records. See Editing the Marc Record.
    • Instructional Media Center: Staff Interface in header
    • Delete TCDE theme
    • Images appear to be broken. Cannot upload.
    • Quick Checkout no longer has search
    • Member -> Search by card number doesn’t allow empty searching
    • What fields are “standard” for biblio_copy.  barcode, description
    • How to manage layout of biblio pages re:
      • Editor (standard vs Marc)
      • Display (summary vs full)
    • Remove 0.6.0 Dm.php and DMQuery.php Dependancy on custom member fields
  • Joe's Issues.
    • Peter’s Export to CSV
    • CSV Import
    • Hack to allow more than 2 member types (Adult & Juvenile) - 1119785
    • Marc Import bug patch 1118356 –Autosetting on Marc Import call numbers (is this in?)
    • Sort Biblio Copies by Description, Barcode
    • On biblio screen make “checked out” link to member screen
    • Testbed for Large Catalogs using scriblio marc records.
    • Better Searching (Author, Title, ISBN/ISSN, LCCN, 650, biblio_ID, barcode)
    • able to search few fields in one time
    • Improved OPAC (CMS integration)
    • Detach the opac from paths.. .allow variables for resetting paths.
    • Modify Member
      • status active/inactive..
      • If inactive cannot be checked out books.
    • Member Interface
      • See books currently checked out.
      • Hold Requests
      • Charges etc
      • Create User checkout requests interface
    • Covert Admin Dashboard reports to Screen Reports.
    • Location information on copies
    • Multiple Delete of Marc Records
    • AutoBarCode for Members
    • Biblio fields handlers
      • Subject Headings Lookup
      • ISSN / ISBN validation
      • Cutter calculation.
      • Search links
      • 856 link handling Logo
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