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New Translation System


The translation files structure has changed: /locale//trans.php -> Contains all the translation entries for GUIs /locale//marc.php -> Contains translations for all the marc fields (650$a) used for displaying fields /locale//custom_trans.php -> Contains user created translation files for GUIs /locale//custom_marc.php -> Contains user created translations for all the marc fields (650$a) used for displaying fields


We store all the translations for interfaces, errors etc in one file (trans.php) . In a second file (marc_fields.php) we store the information for marc definitions for fields to be displayed in biblio_view and biblio_edit.

Plugins will store their locale files in /plugin/locale//trans.php.

The new plug-in for the translation interface will allow the end users to create custom entries that will override all the default messages. It will store them in a similar file as the original with "custom_" prepended to the name of the file. This ensures that changes will not be overwritten during an upgrade.

The translation interface will also allow plugin translation files to be edited and created in the same fashion.

Users can email custom translations to be added and managed online. Once a release has made 100% translated status, we will compile the files into a release on the sourceforge site. Logo
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Page last modified on December 17, 2008, at 07:34 AM