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This page links to projects that are derived from OpenBiblio, using OB code as a base, but offer different functionalities/features.

WebBiblio Subject Gateway System

WebBiblio is an Open Source Software to create Subject Gateways in any subject of your choice. (Subject Gateways are dynamic databases of web information resources collected and analyzed by information professionals and subject experts. Information contained in subject gateways are authoritative and some times value-added.)

WebBiblio helps information professionals/organizations to create high quality subject gateways quite easily. WebBiblio is derived from Openbiblio.


AlumniScript is a tool for managing enrollment of students for activities in a library or classes or other kind of places. You only have to create or import a list of your users and a list of your activities of your time table. Do a Check Out or Check In like in OpenBiblio for enrolling your students.

AlumniScript is maintained by Numedu and available on

A demo version and documentation is available on the numedu page project.

For the time being it is only in French but it can be translated easily.

For more information, use the "Contact" form on numedu page project.

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