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OpenBiblio should work with any barcode scanner that presents the scanned barcode as keyboard input. These are sometimes called 'keyboard wedge' scanners. An easy way to test that your scanner works this way is to open up a plain text editor (like Notepad in MS Windows) and scan a barcode. If the correct code appears in the text editor, it should work with OpenBiblio, if not, you either need to reconfigure the scanner or find a different one.

Scanners known to work

The list below contains models that someone has actually used with OpenBiblio. Feel free to add your scanner.

  • Argox AS-8150
  • Wasp WWS-800 (can be hard to use)
  • Datalogic Heron (works with OS X as well)
    • Datalogic Heron D130
    LED scanner (also known as CCD), so without scary laserbeams. Keyboard wedge model worked instantly, without configuration or installing drivers. Automatically switches to hands-free mode when placed in Hands-Free Stand (included).
  • Scanteam 3700 (see this message)
  • Symbol LS2208 (Keyboard wedge)
  • RedTech XL6000 Laser Scanner(worked fine)
  • Cino FuzzyScan F680 (USB)
  • Cino FuzzyScan F680BT (Bluetooth wireless)
  • Cino FuzzyScan FBC-3660 (CCD scanner - no longer manufacturerd - both USB and Keyboard-wedge)
  • Don't know if these are still around, but I used a modified USB CueCat reader for my data entry. Bought off ebay for $5. Make sure you get the modified one.

Scanners known NOT to work

Most barcode scanners work fine with OpenBiblio, but people have had trouble with the models below.

  • CueCat Unmodified Logo
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