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Suppose you've taken a look at user-submitted reports and found a custom report or a layout that you want to use. How do you add this to OpenBiblio?


  • If the report is downloaded in a compressed archive format: ability to extract this file.
  • If the report you want is on a web page: ability to save a selection of the page as a plain text file, with correct file extension.
  • Write access to folders inside your OpenBiblio installation where reports and layouts are stored.

Reports and layouts folders

The table below indicates the folders where reports and layouts should be placed. Use the indicated file extension when giving the file a name.
Note the difference between files distributed with OpenBiblio (default) and files you add or modify (custom).

FolderFilesFile extension
openbiblio/layoutsYour custom layouts..php
openbiblio/layouts/defaultDefault layouts. Changes to these files are lost when OpenBiblio is updated..php
openbiblio/reports/defsDefault AND custom reports. Backup customized files before updating OpenBiblio..rpt (report written in RPT language) OR .php

Demonstration video

Adding new reports is demonstrated in the OpenBiblio training webinar at 44:00 Logo
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