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Updated for 0.7.0, changes submitted to forked repository

Understanding Bibliography Status Changes:

The following table lists the possible status states for a bibliography copy.

Status Description
checked in Bibliography is shelved and available for checkout.
checked out Bibliography is checked out by a library member.
on hold Bibliography is being held for pickup by a member who has placed a hold on the bibliography.
shelving cart Bibliography is on the shelving cart waiting to be shelved.
damaged/mending Bibliography is currently being repaired due to damages.
display area Bibliography is not available for checkout because it is in a display case.
lost Bibliography is not availbale for checkout because it can not be found.
on loan Bibliography is on loan.
on order Bibliography is on order and has not arrived yet.

Bibliography status changes are allowed on the following pages with the following rules.

Page Old Status New Status Rules
member info checked in checked out
other* checked out
on hold checked out Only allow if member is first in hold queue for the given copy or if hold queue is empty.
check in checked out shelving cart Will calculate late fees.
checked out on hold Will calculate late fees and show message to place book in hold storage.
other* shelving cart
on hold shelving cart Will only allow if hold queue for given copy is empty.
shelving cart checked in
biblio info other* checked in
other* other*
checked in other*

* - note: other includes damaged/mend, display, lost, on loan and on order status states. Logo
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